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Wednesday, 11/29/00, 9:53 PM Thank you so much for the warm welcome into The Garden Of Friendship. I¿m sure I¿ll totally love this group. I hope you have a wonderful day, and may peace & happiness always be yours! Sincerely ~*Alias*~

May peace and happiness always be yours

From: Texas
Web Site: Can I Get A Witness??
How did you find my site: GOF

Friday, 11/24/00, 5:03 PM Wonderful site.. Very enjoyable, informative and incentive driven:))) Loved it.
From: Australia
Web Site: Writing is the Essence of my Living

Friday, 11/24/00, 9:23 AM
you have a wonderful site keep up the good work!!And again thank you for visiting my pag
From: Iowa
Web Site: DollyB's Homepage
How did you find my site: from my guestbook --> Thank you for signing it

Gigi Sittmann
Sunday, 11/19/00, 6:37 AM
Thank you for a lovely visit. I, too, love animals and do all I can to help them. Thank you for doing the same.
From: Canada
Web Site: Gigi's Personal Home Page
How did you find my site: You signed my guest book

Saturday, 11/18/00, 9:07 AM
Thank you for your kind comments and invitation to the Garden of Friendship. I have filled out my application, but am a little hesitant about joining because my time is a bit restricted and I don't know how much I could contribute. Thanks again for your visit to my page. Just out of curiosity: How did you find me?
From: Canada
Web Site: Gigi's Personal Home Page
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Saturday, 11/18/00, 8:02 AM
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to sign my guestbook, I appreciate had a wonderful visit surfing through your site, what an excellent Everthing is so beautiful, well done. Thank you for a wonderful visit, have a nice day. Keep up the good work!!
From: Alaska
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Friday, 11/17/00, 7:08 AM
love you christie!! O:-)<
From: portervill,ca
How did you find my site: great!!

Dot Karcher
Saturday, 11/11/00, 7:04 PM
Your site is so beautiful. I have a connection to Native America, although my roots are in England. I have always felt a bond. I am also a devout lover of Wolves. They have always been close to my heart. I support the group that helps reintroduce the wolves into Yellowstone Park.
From: North Carolina
Web Site: In Loving Memory Of Brandi Bear
How did you find my site: You E mailed me at my other aol address

Dot Karcher
Saturday, 11/11/00, 6:59 PM

Saturday, 11/11/00, 2:11 PM
thanks for signing my guestbook.
From: chicago, northern california, and japan
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How did you find my site: from my guest book

Friday, 11/10/00, 7:51 PM
What an inspirational and wonderful site you have! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. I particularly love anything I see on coyotes, wolves, and bears. I applied for an award. I hope you find my site worthy. Thank you.
From: Longmont, CO
Web Site: The Animals in Our Lives
How did you find my site: Just surfing

Monday, 11/6/00, 9:40 PM
Enjoyed my journey through your pages, found great wisdom and truth. May the Creator watch over you as you journey on your life's path, always walk in peace, love and beauty.
From: ca Web Site: From the heart
How did you find my site: from another

Stephen Boursy
Sunday, 11/5/00, 11:01 PM
Very nicely done LittleFeetRaven. The visit was enjoyable and I like what you are doing for our animal friends (I'm a cat lover).
From: Boston, USA
Web Site: Ethics in Massachusetts State Gov (mental retardation)
How did you find my site: a graphics site guestbook

Lady Almighty Sorceress
Saturday, 11/4/00, 8:05 PM
On behalf of the welcoming committee, WELCOME to the Garden of Friendship. I know you'll just love it here. Please feel free to ask any questions. BTW, you have a great site and I plan to come back to see what changes you've made.
From: Florida
Web Site: Welcome To The Almighty Sorceress's Home Page
How did you find my site: GOF Welcoming Committee

Ruth Lebowitz
Tuesday, 10/31/00, 11:35 AM
First of all, thank you so very much for signing Ditzy's guestbook and for your get-well wishes - both greatly appreciated. It really was thoughtful of you, and definitely qualifies as a "Random Act of Kindness". Your site is truly beautiful - an oasis of peace in an all too hectic net. Keep up the fine work and I will surely visit you again. Peace and purrs, Ruth and D
From: Bayonne, New Jersey
Web Site: Ditzy Lebowitz - Superkitty!
E-mail: How did you find my site: You were kind enough to sign one of my guestbooks!

Nanci T
Saturday, 10/28/00, 7:05 AM
Thanks for visiting, and I really enjoyed visiting with you. I am cherokee and so your site, belifs was very appealing, Thank you and I will come again. Love and Peace,
From: Texas Web Site: A Time to Remember
How did you find my site: you visited me sweetie

Thursday, 10/26/00, 4:38 PM

I really like your site! I enjoyed spending some of my time here. I haven't seen it all yet though, so I will carry on now.
From: Mo.
Web Site: Native
How did you find my site: whitehorse awards

Thursday, 10/26/00, 10:08 AM

all visit
From: wales

Wednesday, 10/25/00, 11:20 PM
Hi Little Feet,you have a wonderful site here.I really enjoyed my visit.Welcome to the Garden of Friendship family.We are so glad you could join us. Love from Wendy
From: Newcastle...Australia
Web Site: Family and Friends
How did you find my site: Garden of Friendship

Charo ~ Garden of Friendship Wednesday, 10/25/00, 6:26 PM
On behalf of myself and the
Garden of Friendship Committee,
I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.
It is always nice meeting a new member &
I look forward to getting to know you!

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
(((special hugs)))

From: Surrey, B.C. Canada
Web Site: Charo's Homepages
How did you find my site: GOF *lol*

Lady Shalimar
Wednesday, 10/25/00, 6:24 PM
Hello, and welcome to the Garden of Friendship. We are so happy that you have joined us. Welcome Aboard! *S* Hugs, Lady Shalimar
From: New York State
Web Site: Helen's Place
How did you find my site: GOF

Wednesday, 10/25/00, 8:34 AM
Hello and welcome to the Garden of Friendship. I hope you enjoy here as much as I have. You have a lovely web home. I enjoyed visiting.
From: Texas
Web Site: A Little of This and That
How did you find my site: GOF

Wednesday, 10/25/00, 4:23 AM
Hi....great site you have here..and I would like to welcome you to the Garden Of Friendship...
From: New York
Web Site: Debbie's Garden Of Words
How did you find my site: GOF

Tuesday, 10/24/00, 8:38 PM
From: ky
How did you find my site: gof

Tuesday, 10/24/00, 8:18 PM
Just a short note to welcome you to the Garden of Friendship. I'm sure you will meet many new friends.
Dj's Place

From: Missouri
Web Site: Dj's Place
How did you find my site: Garden of Friendship

Lady Sunshine
Tuesday, 10/24/00, 6:29 PM
Welcome to the Garden of Friendship! So nice to meet you! Enjoyed my visit to your lovely home!
From: FL
Web Site: ~*~ Lady Sunshine's World ~*~
How did you find my site: Garden of Friendship

Thursday, 10/19/00, 6:29 PM
Hi Christi, I will be praying that God will confort you in your time of need. God Bless Nana

From: Oklahoma Web Site:
Nana's Cozy Corner
How did you find my site: Raok

Thursday, 10/19/00, 6:22 PM
I am praying for your husband an you. May God Protect you an bless you in Health.
Random Acts of Kindness

From: Alabama
Web Site: Healing The Mind An Soul
How did you find my site: The Raok Group

Tuesday, 10/17/00, 5:32 AM
Dear Freind, I wanted to visit your site and sign your guestbook and Invite you to do the same.. I have encluded my banner representing my Endangered Wildlife Site. I would love it if you would visit I have put alot of time into it and would love to help wildlife once again with all our help we can make a difference. Our site now offers, Dinosaurs, flags, presidents, states, most holidays, endangered wildlife. Back ground sets. With a guestbook signature & with a link and banner you can get access.. Come read and LEARN. All educational information and facts are free for down loads. Your invited to join one or both of my webrings. Endangered Wildlife: feWebring;action=addform Or Kindhearted:;acti on=addform webring while your there visiting.

Thank you and hugs, Lady WildLife ICQ# 726398
Web Site: Endangered Wildlife
How did you find my site: guest book entry on another site
Monday, 10/16/00, 3:55 PM
Wow! You Truly Have a Wonderful Site! I'd like to invite you to join the Garden of Friendship A Warm & Friendly Family. I really feel your site would be a true asset to our Garden, and make a great addition. Please consider my offer and come join us.
From: New York Web Site: Mary's Little Place
How did you find my site: signing another guestbook

Connie O.
Wednesday, 10/11/00, 6:34 PM
Just stopped by to welcome you to RAOK. I know you will enjoy this great group of folks.
Random Acts of Kindness

From: Tulsa, OK
How did you find my site: RAOK

Lew Cenotti
Monday, 10/9/00, 5:19 PM
My wife Luana, the first "L" in "L&L Cenotti, share your Spiritual Beliefs, and your respect for Nature, and the Native American Culture. This is our website devoted to Saving the Wolves... If you go there, click on the banner for "," I am sure you will find it very interesting. Our Canine Companion, Crystal, a wonderful and beautiful American Eskimo that thinks she is a Wolf, has her own website too at... May your life and the life of those you love, be filled with Peace of Mind, Prosperity, and Happiness! Kindest Regards, Lew Cenotti ==================================== Let's all do our part; Help save the rain forests... Visit today: Help save the big cats... Visit today: Help save the wolves... Visit today: Help feed the hungry... bin/WebObjects/HungerSite
From: Orange County - California - USA
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Thursday, 10/5/00, 8:31 PM
Hi there... Just popped in to say Hi and Welcome you to Random Acts of Kindness. Glad to have you onboard :)
From: Nanaimo
Web Site: Gardener's Paradise

Thursday, 10/5/00, 2:14 PM
Its all very interesting.....I have always loved the Native America ways......thanks for sharing this part of you.,,,and welcome to our little band
From: Lee Florida
Web Site: The Writer's Block
How did you find my site: excellent

Thursday, 10/5/00, 10:09 AM
Hello sweetie,,,, your sight is really coming along,,,,I have tried to vote again ,,and I am finding it to be a little difficult because I just click and it goes knowhere,,,,,,,anyways ,,,,, hope you win!!!! Vio
From: Visalia v E-mail:
How did you find my site: LittleFeetRaven

Sunday, 10/1/00, 9:11 PM
Voting in Round 3 The Eternal Cycle Started at 8 PM (PST) this evening and runs till 8 PM (PST) Friday 10/6/2000. Good Luck! WhiteHorse WhiteHorse Domain
From: CAlifornia
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Saturday, 9/30/00, 10:21 PM
Hi there! You have a great site here and I would love to VE with you .. please take a moment to check out my site and let me know if you would be interested. :-) Keep up the great work and good luck!
From: Darksbane Mountains :-)
Web Site: The Many Faces of Camelot
E-mail: How did you find my site: TheHonestVE Mailing List

Friday, 9/29/00, 1:04 PM
love your page. you must have worked hard on it and it shows. cats rule. keep up the good work. Would you be instered in VEing with me?


See Your Present Here

From: pa
Two Feathers
Thursday, 9/21/00, 4:42 PM
you have a great site here, will be back to read more later.. I would be honored to join your webring, may the great spirit bless you always! twofeathers
From: the north wind
Web Site: the eagle's nest
How did you find my site: email

Barry Deatherage
Wednesday, 9/20/00, 2:09 PM
Enjoyed your site,will be visiting back...
From: Highland Illinois
Web Site: Blues Bass Page
How did you find my site: homestead

Monday, 9/18/00, 6:43 PM
you have a wonderful site.
Web Site: Disney page, Eeyore page, My dolphins Page
How did you find my site: you signed my guestbook

Gary & Kay White
Sunday, 9/17/00, 10:46 AM
We love your site and your beliefs. We follow the same path. It's so nice to find a site such as yours to visit. We will come back often.
From: Texas
Web Site: Whitehawk Akitas
How did you find my site: Homestead members area

kat kupilik
Thursday, 9/14/00, 4:40 PM
wish I had a computer at home so I could visit more often...miss you kat
From: hoopa
Web Site: don't have one
How did you find my site: i'm yout aunt !
Sunday, 9/3/00, 8:31 PM
You have a beautiful and interesting site. I will definately be back. Keep fighting for the animals. God Bless you
From: Tennessee
Web Site: CALS
How did you find my site: GreatnSmall group

Sunday, 9/3/00, 1:03 PM
Hi! Just popped in for another visit to your wonderful site, I wanted to check out whats new. Everything looks great! Karen
From: New Zealand
Web Site: UFO's The Beginning of a New World

Sunday, 9/3/00, 10:13 AM
Loved the site, great reading about how you started with Akita's. Some people don't give them a chance purely on their size and stature. We own two Akita's if you get time visit the site and sign in.
From: England
Web Site: Logan and kumas web site
How did you find my site: surfin

Friday, 9/1/00, 3:06 PM
Great site. I've marked it to be sure and come back and read it some more.
From: Battle Ground Wa
Web Site: Lucky Dog adoptions
How did you find my site: surfing

Mary (SunRae)
Thursday, 8/31/00, 10:08 AM
I too am of American Indian blood and share your respect for all life. I enjoyed your site very much. Thank you for sharing. I came here thru the white horse peace trail.
From: Virginia
Web Site: Pathways

Adrian Mathews
Wednesday, 8/30/00, 11:02 PM
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kat kupilik
Wednesday, 8/30/00, 10:57 AM
I love you and i haven't checked my mail in a month!
From: hoopa ca
Web Site: none
Friday, 8/25/00, 12:11 PM
Your website looks great! All of your hard work shines through and it is obvious that you have spent a great deal of time and effort into making these wonderful pages! Why not consider putting your site to the test? We invite you to apply to the Digital Delilah's Website Competition! Or maybe you'd like to join the Staff! You are also cordially invited to apply to join our webring!

Sunday, 8/20/00, 3:55 AM
Great site! Love the pictures of your pets :)
From: NC
Web Site: Wings and Wonders
How did you find my site: LittleFeetRaven' Home on the Web

Alphie Perks
Sunday, 8/20/00, 12:29 AM
Thanks for visiting our site :) We are for the animals too :) Keep up the great work :)
From: Chicago
Web Site: PerkinsPlace!
How did you find my site: PerkinsPlace!

Marcell Hideki Koshiyama
Saturday, 8/19/00, 5:45 PM
Hi!!! Your web site is very good!!! Congratulations!!!! Marcell
From: São Paulo/ Brazil
Web Site: Medicina Veterinária de Roedores

Friday, 8/18/00, 3:51 PM
I got tour email as soon as it came on but i was working on my page at the same time I thought i could read the mail and down load at the same time--- Wrong--- Thanks for replying to the help message. I also have a page in homestead and I have the same problem with it. I cant put the whitebuffalo info on any thing or my pictures. Thanks A_HO
From: texas
Web Site: native drums

Wednesday, 8/16/00, 6:24 PM
I just returned to read more of the information on Spirit Animals. I went to see your gifts page and was so surprised & honored to see the Gift of Kindess displayed with such a beautiful thank-you message! You filled my heart with your words. Continue the important work you are doing for our animal brothers.
From: Florida, USA
Web Site: Whitedove's World Of Pets & Wildlife

Tuesday, 8/15/00, 11:59 AM
Thank you for visiting our site and signing our guestbook. Like the pic of puppy.
From: Kentucky
Web Site: Appalachian Mountain Outreach

Tx Sunday, 8/13/00, 12:44 PM
Beautiful site. We have an assortment of animals in house too. One Cat 16 year old, Henize 57 one from the animal shelter, And Lady she looks like Benj. We use to have a Quaker bird. Thanks for the awar
From: Texas
Web Site: Kim's Korner of cyberspace
How did you find my site: same as above

Per Jørgensen
Saturday, 8/12/00, 11:22 PM
I have been together with my dog for 13,5 years he was a Larbrador, but he deid in december 1999 so I look after a new dog and I think it will be an Akita, it is an animal with pride and with big sweetness
From: Denmark

steps lightly on mother earth Saturday, 8/12/00, 8:02 AM
Thank you for signing my slambook! I looked around your site too! I like it (however, notice some overwrites). You are always welcome at ~Spirit Haven~ ~May the blessings we realize today grow, and prosper us always~ Niawe~ thank you~ steps~
From: Oklahoma
Web Site: ~Spirit Haven~
How did you find my site: ~Spirit Haven~

Tuesday, 8/8/00, 12:52 PM
Great site! Loved all the pictures.
From: Michigan
Tuesday, 8/8/00, 6:01 AM
Hi, I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed visiting your site so much ! Keep up with the great work ! You have such lovely pets ! =) I have taken one of your banners and put it on my site linking it to this site, wanna do some banner exchange ? Then please come to my site, sign my guestbook, take one of my banners and save it on your server ! Thanks ! I hope you'll come meeting my bunnies soon ! :) Best regards xxx Dana

From: Italy Web Site: Rabbits rule !

Monday, 8/7/00, 5:36 PM
Very nice pages. Your site is different than many I have seen on animal rights. Very well laid out. I enjoyed my stay very much!
From: Lakeland, Florida
Web Site: Lisle's Den

Bonnie and Fred
Monday, 8/7/00, 5:30 PM
We enjoyed our visit it is a very nice page about the dogs and all, keep up the good work. And thank you for sighing our guest book.
From: Manchester,Pa.
Web Site: Bonnie and Fred's Home Page

Monday, 8/7/00, 11:31 AM
Thank you for your invitation. I truly enjoyed my visit especially the story about the Akitas! Thor was such a blessing for your son. :) I also enjoyed the descriptions you have for your animal pages and of course the beautiful photos of Koti! Keep up the great work. Judy
From: TN
Web Site: Judy and Jerry's Place~~Stop Animal Abuse~~

Dikanogi Ogadali
Sunday, 8/6/00, 9:06 PM
Your web site really made me homesick. We owned an Akita when living in the North. Thought it would be miserable for him in Fl. So a Dr. In Mi. now own him. He was a beautiful animal. They truly are loyal and friendly pets Very protective also. Wado for the invitation to see yours.
From: Florida
Web Site: Singing Feather's Homepage

Sunday, 8/6/00, 6:27 PM
Hi Little Feet Raven,Your site is so neat. Your little doggie is adorable. God bless.
Web Site: sharon's stop

Pink Marie
Sunday, 8/6/00, 3:00 PM
Hi, loved your site, your akita is beautiful, if you get the chance drop by my site and leave your link!
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Web Site: Accent on Anna

Saturday, 8/5/00, 9:11 AM
Thank you so much for your sweet email regarding my site. Your site is beautiful with much information. May Raven shine his wisdom and beautiful magic on you sweetie. Sincerely, Sally
From: Texas
Web Site: Shays Native and Educational Links

Saturday, 8/5/00, 6:37 AM
Keep up the good work , i think you are doing a great thing here.if you want to get more people to see your site, check out this site Your ad will be on the front page if you become a member partner. you can submit your site for free.
From: U.S.A State of Maine

Saturday, 8/5/00, 1:52 AM
Keep it up! That good work! greetings from belgium
From: Belgie
Web Site: Belgium animal protection

Thursday, 8/3/00, 6:09 PM
Hello LittleFeetRaven, You came to my site and left such nice comments in my Guest Book so I came to visit yours. I had NO idea what I was in for! You will never fully know how deeply your site touched my heart. My great- grandmother was from the Iroquois Nation, Tribe of Mohawk. I use to travel the Pow-Wow Trail and I DO understand respect and love for our animal brothers. THANK-YOU for a wonderful site!!! :-)
From: Florida, USA
Web Site: Whitedove's World

Thursday, 8/3/00, 2:44 PM
Hi Christi, Thanks for visiting my site and inviting me here - I had fun exploring :) You've done a great job!! You've got some beautiful animals :)
From: MD
Web Site: My Beloved Shadow

Fiona Oakes
Thursday, 8/3/00, 12:37 PM
Christi, Thanks for visiting my site and for your comments. It's nice to meet people from other countries who also love animals like I do. I like your site very much, particularly your little puppy. Keep up the good work. Fiona
From: England
Web Site: Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Tuesday, 7/25/00, 5:53 AM
Koti is adorable. They do bring so much love, unconditionally. Enjoy.
From: Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, 7/22/00, 6:01 PM
Hi, this is such a warm and pretty web site, and I will be very happy to visit you again! Your Akita looks so sweet and soft! Its also nice to be able to be sisters on the same e-group All Creatures! Take care, Linda (LadyNoah)
From: New Jersey
Web Site: LadyNoah

Donna Rey
Friday, 7/21/00, 9:04 PM
hi Christie, Your web site is great. I didn't know you were into animals. My sister has the same kind of love for animals as you do. I guess it runs in the family, because Vicki liked animals to. take care & keep in touch. Love Donna
From: Fresno

Ellie & the "kids"
Friday, 7/21/00, 9:55 AM
Hi Christi & welcome to the All Creatures Great and Small family. You have done a nice job on your site; and I look forward to seeing more :)
From: California

Thursday, 7/20/00, 10:42 PM
Hi Christi! and welcome to All Creatures Great And's great to have you with us.
From: USA
Web Site: Love For Animals

Jody & Shadow
Thursday, 7/20/00, 9:44 PM
Great Site..Nice to meet you...
From: new hampshire
Web Site: Shadow's Homepage

Tuesday, 7/18/00, 11:02 AM
From: Tulare

Sunday, 7/16/00, 10:14 PM
HOWDY>>>>>>>its me ,,Apeee..yer site is really nice ....I am glad you made one dedicated to animals ....... ape
From: Cali

Sunday, 7/16/00, 3:59 PM
I love you talk to you soon
From: california
E-mail: you know that

Sharon Bailey
Sunday, 7/16/00, 12:44 PM
Christi You and My Son will be great friends. He raises Akita's. He loves them and can't ever hush up about them. Sharon Oh his name is Steven and His e-mail is
From: Gravette,Arkansas
Alba Young
Sunday, 7/16/00, 12:18 AM
Chritie, The puppy is so beautiful, is so funny because the Akita is my favorite dog, when we get our own home that is the kind of dog I want and I keep telling Peter that, he is beautiful.
From: Laguna Niguel
Web Site:

Saturday, 7/15/00, 10:00 PM
From: Visalia
E-mail: Sukisam2032

Crystal Ravenwolf
Saturday, 7/15/00, 9:46 PM

Sister of my heart
I am so proud of you!
You are accomplishing a goal and growing so much
Your page is really coming along!
Here is a little faerie dust to help it along
and bless is with love, light and happiness!
I love you!

From: California
Web Site: Crystal Ravenwolf's Journey of Enchantment
E-mail: kat kupilik Wednesday, 8/30/00, 10:57 AM